Creating a Bedroom Haven

As I said in my post, we don’t have a bedroom haven at the moment. We have a baby haven that is made up of blacked out blinds, dull red light and a rather loud white noise. Parents out there will totally know what we are currently going through… A sleep regression and teething which is making sleep time anything but relaxing and restful. If it wasn’t for the design of the house we would have transitioned Poppy out of the room, however without boring you with the finer details, we would LITERALLY have to rearrange our whole house to move her and just before we knock down and move out ourselves - it just doesn’t seem logical to double handle everything. 


We all know the importance of sleep, especially when you aren’t getting it. I never fully appreciated the amount of sleep I was getting before starting a family. I could fall asleep anywhere - my family has multiple embarrassing photos of me sleeping in random places. I knew that sleep was going to be a distant memory once we became parents but I didn’t give much thought to how much our bedroom sanctum would also be affected. 


This may not be a problem for those who have a beautiful and functional space for their little ones to sleep in but I’m sure I am not the only one out there with my current bedroom situation. For now we are fantasising about what our master bedroom will look and feel like - which is getting me through this phase. Here are my tops tips for creating a bedroom haven that gives you the feeling of escapism - what you feel when you walk into a hotel room ! #goals !!!! 



Declutter - remove the items in your room that do not make you feel content or are simply not necessary for sleep. I am so guilty of adding clutter to our room - if you look at my bedside table I have teething gel, baby Panadol, wipes, water, tissues, remotes…. Etc etc. Some people suggest having the bare minimal in your room will actually benefit your sleep and recommend only have one decorative item in there to create a minimalistic space.  

GOAL- create a space where your daily tasks & issues arent in your face reminding you of everything you didn’t get done


Quality over Quantity - What is the most important thing in the bedroom? The BED!!!! If you have the extra $$ invest in a quality mattress, it will last you for years and the return you get will be second to none - GOOD SLEEP! Second on the importance scale is linen - I would rather have one good set of linen that I have to wash and dry in the same day to put back on the bed than have a set that didn’t give me that feeling of relief when I slipped into bed every night!!! 

GOAL: create a bed that makes you dream about it during the day, one that gives you the deepest sense of relief when you sink into it after a long day of work and parenting !!!


Environmental factors - The one thing we do have in out room currently is the block out curtains & blinds. These are super helpful for day-time naps but also help the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. For those of you (like myself) who can only sleep with a doona on them all year round, will need climate control of some sort. Air-conditioning or fan is a non-negotiable for my fiancé - it is literally the difference between a restful night and no sleep for him. Just like being too cold, letting your body temp get uncomfortably high can result  in unsettled sleep and for some bad dreams.  

GOAL: controlling what is 100% able to be controlled to benefit you the most - a temperature that is perfect for you & your partner with the help of climate control and doonas. 


Happy Sleeping xx 

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