Introducing myself, love for neutral & hand made products

Why Neutral?

If you ask my family to describe me, without a doubt someone or likely everyone will use the word indecisive. I am the best fence sitter around, I will ponder, collaborate and communicate with all of my loved ones over making the most simple of decisions - and this is where my love of all things neutral comes from - my indecisiveness! Okay, its totally not just my indecisiveness that makes me love neutral colourings and tones BUT it contributes.

So, who am I?

Well, I have a background in social services and am incredibly passionate about child welfare and social justice – you will see this come through in my blogs. I recently took on this new 24/7 role called motherhood and its changed my life!!!
We also live in a ‘detonate’ house. We bought it a year ago wanting to renovate it but have since realised it’s definitely detonate NOT renovate job. However, nothing is happening anytime soon so we are stuck in limbo with a newborn in a house that is slowly falling to pieces – literally! Because of this, I have become obsessed with home items that can add effortless style to any room YET can be transported easily.

Why hand made & woven..

In my 20’s I studied a double degree in Human Services, Criminology and Criminal Justice. I studied in India and Mexico, which changed my life (that is another blog). These trips are also what sparked my love of international products, textiles and weaving.  But mostly, I fell in love with the communities and people hand making these beautiful products.  I volunteered in the most impoverished communities and met the most inspiring and resilient women and children.  

My aim is to bring you quality items, made with love, from different communities across the world, that you will have for many years to come. 

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