The Accidental Move.

At the local farmers market, I caught myself saying ‘oh we accidentally moved here over Christmas’. Half way through my story, I realised that I had caught the attention of half a dozen people, captivated in how we accidentally moved. I’ll continue that story further down…

Tys grew up in regional NSW, where he learnt from his father how to run a farm. I grew up on 2 acres which to me felt like a farm (eye roll moment). It sounds silly now, but we intended on spending our weekends working the farm and weekdays on the Gold Coast (where our whole lives were). Yes we had committed to a decent amount of travel and extra work but owing a farm was something that we had always spoken about. After settlement we had decided to spend the Christmas/New year break at Kingfishers Bend to get a feel for the property.

A week into our month long Christmas break, subconsciously we knew Kingfishers Bend was now home – we just hadn’t admitted it to ourselves yet. We headed back to the Gold Coast for a week and it just didn’t feel like home anymore. Poppy (our eldest) wouldn't settle at night and kept asking to 'go home' - she had even decided the Gold Coast wasn't home anymore.  That was the last time we stayed in that house. If you ask the locals (near the farm) they all say the area has a way of collecting people who need to be here - I haven't quite figured out what they mean by that, but I do truly believe we are meant to be here. 


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