Buying Organic Essential Oil online?

It’s never been easier to purchase from the comfort of your home. I’ve been guilty of midnight shopping in bed while feeding a newborn - hardly able to comprehend what I’m exactly purchasing. With facial recognition and passwords saved I’ve actually bought things so quickly that I’ve had to go back and check what I actually bought. 


At the forefront of my mind when scoping products for the store is always the end experience – how are people going to feel when they open their parcel and lock eyes on their purchase – because really, we shop with our eyes first, secondly with touch and finally testing the functionality. I want people to feel confident that whatever is listed is high quality and does exactly what it’s meant to. I love researching and obsessing over detail so rest assured that is exactly what I’ve done before putting a product before you.


A few months ago I fell in love with some amazing oils formulated by Steph Finigan, the CEO boss lady, qualified beauty therapist & organic skincare specialist. I felt like a secret shopper going into the shop and trying all the oils and asking questions. It was important to me that I was aligning myself with a local business that also shared the same values and beliefs. After a few months of testing the gypsy oil on myself I knew I’d found a product I was happy to bring to my community. I have always had sensitive skin with eczema and its constantly changing in the last few years with either being pregnant or breastfeeding. I tested the oil religiously on my stretch marks (stomach, hips & bum) firstly and then across my arms which are slightly pigmented red and bumpy. I’m not going to say that all my stretch marks disappeared because any business or person that claims that is lying… ! What did happen was my skin started to feel more hydrated and the appearance started to improve to the naked eye – my stretch marks are still there but aren’t as visible – and I’ll take that all day, everyday !!! But this is what can happen when you invest in the right skin care products for you.


I’ve learnt so much from my conversations with Steph that I felt it only fair that I share some knowledge on how to successfully buy organic oils online. There is so many ‘at home’ recipes shared online for brewing & mixing oils it is easy to get caught up thinking that its easy and safe. I’m not trying to scare the home baker or consumers trying to support local hand made products – but being a consumer myself who has sensitive skin I think it’s really important to know what you are putting on your largest organ!


So here it is – some top tips I learnt from Steph, to help you choose organic essential oils:

  • All ingredients should be visible and listed in order of greatest volume first
  • If you are wanting a natural/ toxin free/ organic product- look closely as words used to describe parfum or fragrance because a truly natural formulation will disclose the essential oils used to fragrance!! The non-disclose of what is used to ‘fragrance’ can hide an array of potentially harmful ingredients 
  • The volume in g/ml should be disclosed and easy to read directions and warnings should always be present; and lastly
  • No claims can be made on the effectiveness of ANY product if there hasn’t been formally recognised clinical testing – correctly formulated oils can take months if not years from start to finish!


It is not to say that only clinically tested oils are suitable because many aren’t and they can still have amazing benefits. I think my huge take away learning from my chats with Steph are its important to take the time to look into what you are buying for your skin and if you love it and are happy with it that’s the main thing because everyone’s needs and skin is different so choose something for you !



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